Governmental Relations

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Today’s national security landscape demands that industry leaders think beyond traditional methodologies to address increasingly complex and sophisticated threats.  With mainstream approaches to national security challenges, United States Global Partners (USGP) provides resources and capabilities from a range of commercial, financial, cyber, and other disciplines.  The diversified support we provide within these business areas represents a coalescence of cutting-edge capabilities that is simply not available within any single company, providing a unique offering of non-traditional support solutions.  USGP delivers the people, services, processes, and products to meet our clients’ most important strategic requirements.

USGP provides tailored solutions to the most complex challenges facing government clients from across the national security and defense communities, federal and local law enforcement, and the federal financial sector. These services include:

  • Operational Support, focused primarily on customized and non-traditional support initiatives, each designed to provide front-line collectors with a set of new tools as they tackle the most difficult and strategically important targets.
  • All-source Analysis, with a focus on financial intelligence operations and complex counterterrorism, counter-narcotics, and counter-proliferation targeting support throughout every region of the world.
  • Training, across a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as surveillance/surveillance detection/counter-surveillance, analytical and targeting techniques, tradecraft, and threat finance.
  • Language and Cultural Services, with cleared linguists specializing in multiple linguistic disciplines such as interpretation, translation and transcription, cultural advisement, cryptology, and SIGINT support.
  • IT Support, which merges our strong technical expertise with our deep understanding of operational, analytic, and linguistic tradecraft.  Our IT product line of Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, and Anonymizing tools provides the most relevant and practical solutions for unique problems sets across the national security landscape.