About Us

United States Global Partners (USGP) is a progressive, forward thinking international trading and business consultant company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, USA, with offices, partners and affiliations throughout the World. Our primary focus is to put sound business and marketing principles to work in the international business arena by providing consultation and international trade services to multi-national companies desiring to open up trade opportunities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. USGP integrates a consortium of partners for optimum solutions with expertise in export marketing services and supply chain optimization. USGP provides solutions which include research and analysis, identification of markets, foreign market surveys, product selection, market testing, and strategic planning; marketing and management, including selection of foreign agents and distributors, project management, training, and competition analysis; finance and collections, including government financing and incentives and logistics, documentation systems and management, and cargo and crisis management. A few of the industries served include: aviation, construction, oil & gas, security services and products, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, biotechnology, chemicals, high tech instruments and controls, industrial machinery, medical products, pollution control, plastics, engineering and legal.

As a leader in the international trade community in the United States, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, USGP’s team has been engaged in the sourcing and marketing of goods and services both domestically and overseas for more than 30 years. Through strategic partnerships we enable small and large companies alike to successfully enter global markets and to do so with as little risk as possible. Our strength is our people-power. Our global network of experienced partners offers a unique, human-centered high-performance methodology to transform and achieve breakthrough results in cost, timing and quality. We offer specific expertise in the areas such as Trade, Investment, Aviation, Construction, Engineering, Governmental Relations, Economic and Statistical Analysis Technological Innovation, Financing, Licenses, Understanding Legislation, Employment Needs, Business Startup Alternatives, Researching, Strategic Partnerships, Using Electronic Commerce and Understanding Foreign Markets, just to name a few.

Africa, Asia and the Middle East lead the way as emerging markets in which opportunities abound in the over $4 trillion international marketplace. It is feasible for well run companies to be both competitive and profitable in this global market because of new and expanded information tools and services, as well as global demand, which makes it easier for firms of all sizes to enter this new market. An international presence offers a unique opportunity to open new markets, broaden customer bases, and it reduces the seasonal fluctuations characteristic of a solely domestic presence. Comprehensive market information and development have always been essential in order to compete effectively in importing and exporting products and services in the global marketplace. Today, this perspective is more important than ever before. With the advent of globalization, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of diverse markets is a necessity to make critical business decisions. USGP’s partnerships and business relationships with governmental entities and the private sector place us in good stead to provide the necessary information and collaborative synergies to succeed.

In today’s trade environment, companies are looking for innovative solutions that can support their international goals. Protecting trade interests requires a team capable of implementing your strategic objectives while maintaining your confidence. USGP understands that global business development requires diverse political and professional skills. Our mission is to leverage our global trade expertise and relationships to find innovative solutions to make you successful. USGP is a true international global partner ready to serve your needs.